Jun 6, 2011

Canadian Picture Books

One of the biggest challenges I have is not only teaching my kids English but teaching them my culture as well. Books are a great way to do that, and I know so many great Canadian books for tweens, from Martyn Godfrey's Ms. Teeny Wonderful series to Eric Wilson's Code Red at the Supermall. It'll be years before my kids are ready for that though!

When I started I only knew one Canadian picture book, the iconic Hockey Sweater (CAN, JP, US) by Roch Carrier. Great start but I needed more! Here are some of my finds, all kid-tested and approved. I will be updating this as the blog goes on, keep checking back for more!

The Hockey Sweater is for me, the most quintessentially Canadian picture book there is. You have hockey, catalogue shopping, two languages, a not-so-friendly team rivalry, and lots of snow. It even has the now-defunct but a huge influence on me Eaton's department store. I walked through Eaton's everyday in high school while changing buses, and I'd forgotten about it until I read this book. Love this book so much.

Spork by Kyo Maclear (CAN, JP, US)

Mattland (CDN, JP, US) by Hazel Hutchins and Gail Herbert

Drumheller Dinosaur Dance
, by Robert Heidbreder, illustrated by Bill Slavin and Esperanca Melo. (US/CAN/JP)

The Fire Station
by Robert Munsch (JP, CN, US)

Red is Best (CN, JP, US)


  1. GAH! Lost my comment!

    This is something I can actually help with some what since I just participated in a postcard swap and got one from Canada with book suggestions.

    The authors they mentioned were Robert Munsch, Barbara Reid and Marie-Louise Gay.

    Good luck!

  2. Yay, thanks so much Lulu! I have lots of Robert Munsch books but I've never heard of the other two authors. Off to check them out right now.


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