Jun 28, 2011

A Hair Story

Domba has her father's colouring and passes for a full Japanese, generally. The big difference is that she has much much less hair than the other girls she goes to school with. In Canada this wouldn't raise an eyebrow but even when she's wearing a pink dress people ask if she's a boy just because her hair is not full and long like almost all the girls of her age bracket.

I'm kind of happy with this because it means less of a chance of me hurting her while doing her hair. But she wants to have all sorts of pretty things in her hair, wants ponytails and pigtails and bandeaus and clips and bows and scrunchies. I indulge her sometimes, but her hair texture is just as fine as mine and that means nothing stays in for long. Just long enough to hold a preschoolers attention!

It's no wonder then that Domba loves our newest Robert Munsch acquisition, Stephanie's Ponytail. It has all the hallmarks of a Munsch book, a strong but relatable child as the protagonist, perfect spacing between pages, and especially words that just beg to be read out loud in a silly voice. The picture with all the kids with shaved heads cracks up both of my kids everytime we see it.

The story is about a fashion-forward girl who wants to be independent and stand out at school. Remind you of anyone? Sounds just like Stephanie Kaye to me!!! No wonder I love this story too.

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