Jun 9, 2011

How the pigs defeat the wolf

Spinky has been choosing the Three Little Pigs quite often lately. I think he likes the voices I do. Of course, the sober, sensible little pig has my regular voice. ;)

I also think part of why he likes it is because the pigs stay safe after their houses blow down. Like all of us living in Japan, he has been quite affected by the 3/11 tsunami. He wonders if a wolf could blow our house down. I don't think so! That's why we bought a Canadian house- and if he did get through he'd have to get through a lot of itchy insulation.

I like this book because it gives us a chance to talk about "what if." Where should we go if our house blows down? How do we stop it happening? Where do wolves live? There's not much "stranger danger" in Japan, especially not this part. I'm happy about that mostly but we do talk about letting strange wolves into the house after reading this book.

Spinky likes the PBS Kids tv show "SuperWhy" quite a bit, and this is one of the vignettes on the Superwhy DVD we own. Some of Superwhy is too advanced for Domba, but she gets into this one because she knows the story from me reading it, and because it stars the AlphaPig and she is into the alphabet lately.


  1. Have you seen that post 3 pigs book, I think it's called Gilbert and the Pig, basically it's the same story but the pigs and the wolf all end up celebrating their differences and living together.
    The tsunami and EQ is a lot for even an adult to get their head around.:(

  2. No, I haven't seen that, off to order it right now. Sounds good. Possibly there's a bottle of shochu involved in celebration?


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