Jun 29, 2011

A new challenge for a new year of Canada!

It's almost Canada Day, and mostly I have been thinking about what to make, food and craftwise, to make it feel festive. Also I've been thinking about arguments against my husband and kids lighting fireworks in our yard to celebrate. It's nice he wants to celebrate my country's existence, and yes it kind of reminds me of the beautiful fireworks in Canada on our national day, but fireworks are frightening. Add preschoolers into the mix and all you get is me hiding inside looking up our insurance policies.

I have found one other way to celebrate. I am going to participate in a Canadian reading challenge this year (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012). I will read 13 Canadian books during this year.

I have been reading a lot lately. Partly this is because I read almost nothing from when Spinky was born until Domba was a year old. It's also partly because I have more time now, as I lay beside the kids until they sleep, and I have a Kindle with a booklight cover so I am able to read without disturbing them. I spent so many years studying Japanese that now I feel like I want something a little bit easier by reading in my own language. It's also because I know that the best way to get my kids to be interested in reading is to model good reading habits and fill their home with books.

But what I haven't been reading is Canadian authors. Okay, I have been reading Canadian kids' authors, but not for me. It's hard to come across Canadian books here in rural Japan, and even if I have, I don't know they are Canadian because there isn't a giant flag on them like there was when I worked at Coles Bookstore during university. I read so much lovely Canlit when I was a student, and my favourite young adult books are all Canadian, that it is a shame I've gotten out of the habit.

So I will make a Canada Day resolution to read at least 13 Canadian books this year. Hopefully it will not make me more homesick.

I'm going to start by participating in the Under The Midnight Sun Readathon. This is my first readathon since elementary school, and I'm excited. Unfortunately the man will be out at a wedding on Saturday so I have to look after the kids too (darn, a whole day with kids and probably no rain!), but maybe I can squeeze in something to read to them.

Do you want to participate in the Canadian Reading Challenge #5? Check out this fantastic blog.


  1. Hi Medea!
    I'm so happy to have you join the Canadian Book Challenge. And, as a father of two young kids myself, I'm always happy when people read and review picture books. In the past we even had someone read Robert Munsch exclusively.

  2. Thanks for having me and visiting my blog!

    Hope I expand my bookshelves a little beyond Robert Munsch with this challenge. ;)

  3. Hi Medea,

    Glad you found the Canadian Book Challenge! I'm looking forward to reading your reviews of books for both you and your children.

  4. I'm happy to have found it too.

    I noticed you did #4- was that your first? Any tips for a first-timer?


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