Jun 13, 2011

A Thomas Surprise Adventure

This is a consistent favourite of my daughter. It's called Thomas the Tank Engine's Hidden Surprises. She really likes the lift-and-peek flaps. They're tiny so there are lots on each page.

My friend, who used to live here near me but moved back to Canada in 2008 sent it for Spinky after Domba was born. Her son A is a couple years older than Spinky and introduced him to the wonders of Thomas. Spinky was only 1 when they returned so I don't think that he remembers A at all, but we always talk about A and his lovely mother when we read this book. It's nice for me to remember my friend as well. She's one of those people that everyone wants to be like, so friendly and pleasant and the best hostess and always has her head right on her shoulders. Just thinking about her makes me feel like being a more calm person.

I have read this probably 50 times this year, and until I read the English description today I did not notice at all that there was a dolphin in the book. I think it's the aquatic jumper who we all thought was a shark. We have enjoyed snapping the flap down on Domba's fingers as she yells "aaah shark" so I don't think I'll tell them it's supposed to be a dolphin. My poor children, lied to by their mother.

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  1. Ah Thomas, you can't go wrong with Thomas!! The books are great, but have you ever watched the older episodes of the series. Thomas and his friends can be very angry tank engines indeed. I think the newer episodes are much more educational, but we don't really watch them that often. But we love the books. We have peekaboo books, lift the flap books, magnet books, sound books...


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