Jul 3, 2011

Red is Best

My daughter loves pink. When asked for tanabata what she wants to wish to be, she always chooses "Pink". When pressed she might amend it to "Pink Gokaija" (pink power ranger). But every answer to every question is pink.

That's why the book we chose last night, Red is Best (CN, JP, US), really resonated with me.

In the book, the author's daughter Kelly describes just why red is best. Red mittens, red boots, red jacket, everything red! The power of red makes everything better, apparently.

Of course, Domba didn't agree with the book. "No!" she cried. "Pink is best! Pink mittens, pink ball, pink jacket." I'm not a big fan of pink, but I am a huge fan of debate. Looks like she is made of the same stubborn stock as me, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Now, I'm sure you are thinking this is an odd choice of book for someone suffering through 33C heat and 87% humidity, right? Actually, Japanese tradition holds that you should think of cold things in the summer. The obi I have for my yukata is a lovely purple with a snowman pattern to evoke feelings of coolness. I think ghost stories are for near Halloween but in Japan they are for summer, so the chills will cool you down.

The part I liked the best was that Spinky could read the last line all by himself by sounding it out. Woohoo!!!

I read this on a break from The Birth House for the Under The Midnight Sun Readathon. It kind of feels like cheating, but the author is Canadian, the clothes the character wears are very Canadian, and all three of us enjoyed it so I hope it counts!

Red is Best by Kathy Stinson and Robin Baird Lewis
5th Canadian Book Challenge 1/13


  1. How are you getting on with The Birth House? Are you enjoying it?
    Good luck for the rest of the read-a-thon.
    I'm off to bed but will check again as soon as I'm up, although you might already be finished? Not too sure what the time difference is...

  2. I'm very close to finished! Couldn't stay up all night to finish it since I have a Japanese test this afternoon and I kept feeling guilty. I'm enjoying it so far although I totally see what John and others have complained about, the heavyhandedness.

    The time difference is 15 hours ahead of Alberta, and 8 hours ahead of the UK.

    How is your Murakami challenge coming? You should definitely read Sheep Man if you can!

  3. We have this book! I like the idea of reading or thinking about cold in the summer. I certainly do the reverse in the winter!

    And a picture book is totally not cheating!

  4. I've always loved that scary stories are for summer here too - not sure it works but the theory is good! I'm gearing up for the pink debate in a couple of years... not that I eschew the wearing/owning of it but I prefer hot pink to girly pink. I wonder if I can guide her in that direction?

  5. This totally counts -- it's a Canadian classic! Red (and white) is best :) Glad you all enjoyed it together.

  6. I have a brand new copy of this book sitting in front of me. I love this story. I am alternating children's books with my regular reading as well.

    I read The Birth House a few years back and loved it.

  7. I have actually finished Norwegian Wood got the Murakami challenge. I don't know what will be next. I really want to get another one, but I can't really spend on books at the moment (except if I see one second-hand!).

  8. Yup, I know this book and I think it's too cute the way your daughter disagrees and sticks with pink. My yongest daughter had a thing for pink too, for Christmas when she was 5 she asked Santa for pink string and a harmonica, that year was easy. The following year proved to be a little more problematic, she asked for a pink train!

    I also read 'The Birth House' a few years ago and enjoyed it.

    Good luck on your test today!


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