Jul 2, 2011

My first readathon

I'm ready and raring to go for the Under The Midnight Sun Readathon hosted by John at The Book Mine Set. I've never done one before, but I like the idea. I have a date with some Canadian books on my calendar!

I'm starting with The Birth House, mainly because it was the first Canadian book I noticed that I could buy for my Kindle. I'm actually pretty shocked at how few Canadian books are available. Even more annoying is that there are Canadian books available for Kindle, but not in the Canadian region. Oh so frustrating!

I know it's Under The Midnight Sun, but our sunset is about 7:30pm in summer, which means my littles will be in bed much earlier than if we were in Canada and the sun was shining so much longer. More reading time for me!


  1. Good luck Medea, and I hope you like The Birth House more than I did. It does have quite a few fans.

  2. Good luck with the read-a-thon!
    I am not participating because I had other plans (which have been cancelled), but I will try to post a few reviews on Canadian short stories. And of course, I'll pop over the participants' blogs to provide encouragements!

    I enjoyed The Birth House a lot more than John did! Actually, it should be a nice read for a read-a-thon, not too heavy...

  3. Have fun with the readathon! I've never been able to stay up for a whole 24 hours but it's so much fun to plan as if I will be able to ;) Sounds like you have a good start...hope you enjoy your Canadiana!

  4. Thanks Emeire! I can't wait to see your short story reviews. I'm always on the lookout for short stories because they are good to read on the commute.

    Melwyk, I wasn't able to stay up last night either, but you are right, it was fun to try! How are you getting on? Your goal is much higher than mine!

  5. I didn't realize so many Canadian books/canadian region was so unavailavle to Kindle. I knew of some issues do to the copyright laws etc. Just another reason why I stick to print.

    I've read the birth house, and it was an enjoyable read. I hope it worked well for you.


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