Jul 3, 2011

Readathon Roundup

I finished the Under The Midnight Sun Readathon earlier today. It was pretty fun, actually. I think it would have been more fun had I been in the same timezone as everyone else instead of a day ahead!

Since Papa was off to a wedding I had the kids all day Saturday, so my reading time was limited. I did quite a bit while the kids were playing outside, I just pulled up a lawnchair and made a giant cranberry slushie and had one eye on my Kindle and one eye on the chibis. It got to be a little too hot for us at one point so I slathered on more sunblock and went to the neighbourhood kiddy pool. Had to put the Kindle away for that!

This was my first time using a Kindle outside. It is great! I can read perfectly no matter how bright.

Domba chose to read Red is Best as her nighttime book so that was my first book. It was good, really light-hearted after starting into the somewhat bleak The Birth House.

After the littles were tucked in I retreated to the porch with some cold black tea for caffeine and kept reading. It was great, with the wind coming up the mountain and my porch light illuminating my Kindle. At this point I started to switch off with flashcards though. See, I had a Japanese test (JLPT N1) today and I was starting to get worried! I turned in at about 3am, unable to stay up longer.

I got about 3 hours sleep and then up again for Sunday chores. Once that was done I finished off the Birth House and wrote a review for both books I finished! Then it was off to my test! I wasn't that worried about the little sleep I had, since the best score I ever had was after pulling an all-nighter drinking (way back when we had to drive 4 hours to take the test!). I thought maybe it would help my score. I started in on re-reading the Miss Hobbema Pageant. The short Silas & Frank stories were perfect for the bus ride, but I was verging on homesick by the time I arrived at the test site.

I wish that I had been able to go all-in for this readathon. It was great to make an appointment to read and stick with it. Next time I'll make sure I don't have a test I've been studying for a year for, and make sure my husband isn't off getting smashed with his work buddies! I really appreciated the support from my fellow readers, though. It's nice to be part of a Canadian reading community, since I feel pretty isolated from Canada here. Thanks guys!


  1. Well done for doing it!
    I can imagine it must have been difficult to do it on your own. I would have checked your blog earlier if I had been aware you were doing it.
    Something we might take into consideration if there is another one organised...

  2. Good job, and so brave of you to do so with a test the next day.

    Now you have the rest of the Challenge to look forward to, and we're all so glad to have you.

  3. Good job! I also had something partway through, but it I do find that having something in-betweeen has helped me not be as tired today. Although mine wasn't a test - it was a shopping trip with my boyfriends two children (almost as tiring as a test at times!)

    The setting of you're reading on the porch sounds wonderful.

  4. Congrats on finishing, and for participating even with an important test on tap! Glad you shared this event -- nice to see your perspective in your posts :)
    ps - hope you aced that test!

  5. Glad to meet you through the readathon. I'll be looing forward to visiting with you again.


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