Aug 3, 2011

Canadian Kindle Books

I joined the 5th Canadian Book Challenge 2 days before it began. The first event on deck was the Under the Midnight Sun Readathon. I joined and then thought- I don't know if I have any adult Canadian books! What shall I do?

My nearest bookshop with English books is only about an hour away, but there is no guarantee a Canadian book would be on sale. In fact, I knew hardly any Canadian books. Amazon Japan's shipping is quick when something is in stock, but not quick enough to make it before the readathon began at 12noon. Lucky I have my Kindle, right?

Wrong! The books I knew that were Canadian that I wanted to read were either not available on Kindle or not for my region. It took me a few hours of looking up Canadian books until I found and settled on The Birth House by Ami McKay and Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

Still, the time I spent searching for Canadian books on Kindle was time I could have been reading! I wondered why there was no list of Canadian books available on Kindle. So I made one!

Here is my Canadian Kindle bookstore on This is by no means exhaustive so please let me know of any you find that I haven't listed!

Full disclosure: If you buy something from this store I should get a small percentage. Thanks for helping to support my Canadian book addiction and getting English books for my kids.

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  1. Great resource! I think I shall link to it from my blog as well!


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