Aug 28, 2011

Top Ten Expat Canadian Books

Over on The Book Mine Set, John has asked Canadian Book Challenge participants to come up with a list of books for their province or territory. I made one for Alberta, but to be honest, I identify more with expat Canadians than with those in Canada, for obvious reasons. So I took it upon myself to make a list of the top Expat Canadian books, featuring expat Canadians, not necessarily written by expat Canadians.

Here it is!

10. Curious Little World - Rex Bartlett (St. Helena Island) (CDN, US)
9. The Water In Between, A Journey at Sea - Kevin Patterson (Ocean and Tahiti) (CDN, JP, US)
8. I am a Japanese Writer - Dany LaFerriere (Japan) (CDN, JP, US)
7. Wonderful Use for Fire - Hayden Gabriel (UK and Hawaii) (CDN, JP, US)
6. Sumo Santa - David Howard Berrade (Japan) (CDN)
5. Deadly Slipper - Michelle Wan (France) (CDN)
4. Last Time I Saw Jane - Kate Pullinger (UK) (CDN, JP, US)
3. Beyond the Sky and Earth - Jamie Zeppa (Bhutan) (CDN, JP, US)
2. Moche Warrior - Lyn Hamilton (Peru) (CDN, JP, US)
1. Hokkaido Highway Blues (apparently now renamed Hitching Rides with Buddha) - Will Ferguson (Japan) (CDN, JP, US)

It's a little Japan-heavy. Sorry about that, this really reflects where my interests lie (and what I can buy in this corner of Japan!).

Do you have any other suggestions for expat Canadian fiction?


  1. I'm currently reading Karen Connelly's Burmese Lessons that would probably fit. Great list!

  2. That one looks great! Putting it on my TBR list!


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