Nov 27, 2011

Book Cover I Love

One of the things I miss about paper books is the covers. Most books are pretty generic so keeping them on the Kindle doesn't matter, but every so often I come across a book that I would rather see on my shelf.

Underground by Antanas Sileika (CAN, USA) is one of those books that you will want to add to your bookshelf. Cover side out, like those displays in the bookstore trying to suck you in and buy more than you intended.

This is a story about brotherhood, nationhood, and love in the Lithuanian resistance. I think its cover shows what it is about, and the vintage feel is perfect for the mid-20th century setting.

However, the one thing a Kindle can offer me is a preview of the first chapter of the book, which I can't get over here in Japan (oh for an English library or bookstore!). Problem is, once I read the preview, there is no way I can wait the weeks it takes to ship the book over from Canada or the US to read the rest. Is there? Maybe I'll have to buy it for Kindle and in paperback.

Or maybe I can get a tea towel with this beautiful cover on it. Spoonflower?

Is there a cover you love? Please share, I'm all about the literary eye candy.


  1. I recently read Vivienne Schiffer's debut novel Camp Nine, which I think has a very striking cover, and also a non-fiction work by Grace Dane Mazur called Hinges (subtitled Meditations on the Portals of the Imagination).

    I heard Antanas Sileika read from this novel at the Word on the Street festival in September and was quite intrigued: thanks for reminding me that I've yet to acquire a copy of it!

  2. Wow- Camp Nine's cover is amazing. That barbed wire is chilling. I am really interested in that era, as Canada and the US' great shame. I really want to read that book now. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  3. Maybe if I had a kindle I would do more reading? I am so lazy lately and rarely read for myself...just a ton for the boys.

    Ipads have kindle right? Maybe I will settle for that.

    I am not sure I could ever get into it though as I love the smell of books and flicking pages...Would be great for out and about though! Do you really read EVERYTHING on your kindle?

  4. Yes, you can read Kindle on iPad, or iPhone, or your computer.

    I only read about half my books on Kindle. I still love books so much too. But the bigger the books, the easier it is to read while laying down next to my kids on their way to sleep using Kindle! Also, sometimes I can't fathom waiting weeks, that's mostly when I buy Kindle books. It's very useful.


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