Nov 22, 2011

Canadian Christmas Books

More specifically, Canadian Christmas picture books. Just like with every holiday, I am looking for some picture books to get my 2 and 4 year olds in the mood and up to speed with how I envision Christmas. Which is mostly reading books about Christmas. Ahhhhh, heaven.

Okay, I'll throw in some Christmas cookies, and maybe tourtiere, Cadbury's chocolates, turkey, minty things, and don't forget the eggnog and mulled wine. For my Christmas is all about books and food I guess. My kids love the lights and presents.

But it's the books that give it a little Canadiana. I want their memories of Christmas to be as great as mine, so I'm going to do a little Canadian Christmas shopping so they have some books to unwrap as the month goes on, and maybe a little under the tree.

Other than the first two, I don't have any of these books, I just know that they have a Canadian author, illustrator, publisher, or setting. This is my wishlist, but I thought I'd share it with you too!

Franklin's Christmas Gift (CAN, JP, US) by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark

Franklin's Christmas Sticker Activity Book (CAN, JP, US) by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark

The Flying Canoe: A Christmas Story (CAN, JP, US) written by Eric Kimmel and illustrated by Daniel San Souci and Justin San Souci

The Thing I Say I Saw Last Night (CAN, JP, US) from Wendy McKernan and Izabela Bzymek

A Chanukah Noel (CAN, JP, US) written by Sharon Jennings and illustrated by Gillian Newland

Baseball Bats for Christmas (CAN, JP, US) written by Michael Kusugak and illustrated by Vladyana Kryorka

Bella's Tree (CAN, JP, US)by Janet Russell

Hannah Bear's Christmas (CAN, JP, US) from Monica Devine and Sea Cassidy

The Mummer's Song (CAN, JP, US) from Bud Davidge

The Huron Carol (CAN, JP, US) by Ian Wallace

A Northern Nativity (CAN, JP, US) by Willian Kurelek

Porcupine in a Pine Tree (CAN, JP, US) by Helaine Becker and Werner Zimmerman

Night Before a Canadian Christmas (CAN, JP, US) by Troy Townsin and Jennifer Harrington

One Christmas in Lunenburg (CAN, JP, US) by Amy Bennet and Don Kilby

Pippin the Christmas Pig (CAN, JP, US) written by Jean Litle and illustrated by Werner Zimmerman

One Hundred Shining Candles (CAN, JP, US) written by Janet Lunn and illustrated by Lindsay Grater

A Coyote Solstice Tale (CAN, JP, US) from Thomas King

Am I missing any? Let me know if there are any Canadian picture books related to Christmas that you know of!

What about your country, does it have any fab picture books related to Christmas?


  1. Great list - here are a couple of more to add Canadian Jingle Bells and A Moose in a Maple Tree - The Original All-Canadian 12 Days of Christmas

  2. One you must add is Kevin Major's House of the Wooden Santas!

    (I did a similar list a few years back if you're interested!)

  3. I will, that one looks fascinating. The only reason I didn't add it originally is because it is listed for ages 9 and up so I thought maybe it was a chapter book rather than a picture book, and I have a Canadian Christmas chapter book post brewing...

  4. Wow, this list does not have a single book on it that I've read. That never happens to me! Thanks for sharing so many new books. I'd especially like to read a Chanukah Noel. I might have included it on my list of Interfaith holiday books. Thanks for linking up to The Children's Bookshelf.

  5. What a great list! I like all the Canadian content here!


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