Nov 30, 2011

What are you reading Wednesday?

You know how much I love peeking into people's bookshelves! Share!

I'm reading The Scottish Prisoner, by Diana Gabaldon, which I have been waiting for for a long long time.

My daughter has rediscovered The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton.

My son will not put down the Volcanoes book from National Geographic. Which is strange because this is the first week in months that our house is not covered in ash.

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  1. I love these what are you reading posts!

    I am reading Sing You Home by Jodi Piccolt.

    Noah & Shion are reading "The little Red Caboose" and "Does a Kangaroo have a Mother Too?" - Noah is also obsessed ith his ABC picture dictionary which I got for him before he was born {and he got it for his first Christmas when he was 6 days old}- He loves for me to name all the things, he sounds out the letter phonetically and then I ask him where something is on each page. He likes to trick me and point to the cake when I say "Where is the car?" and then he giggles and shakes his head to let me know that he knows it is wrong.

    We do not have any Sandra Boynton but I have heard good things! They are on my list!

    Yay for no ash!

  2. I finally finished Careless in Red, my Elizabeth George novel and I loved it. I think there's already a sequel which I'll have to look for next time I'm at a bookstore.

    I've got a couple of books that I have been reading for ages and will have to pick them up again now that I'm done the big novel. One is At Home in Japan A Foreign Woman's Journey of Discovery. It's by an AFWJ member, Rebecca Otowa and I borrowed it from another member. I really should finish it. It's a series of short essays about how she comes to accept life here. I find it hard to read a lot of it at once since I have such a different life from hers and I'm a whole lot nastier than she is!

    Thanks for the weekly reminder to read. Sometimes I just forget and spend all my time on my computer!

  3. You know I've never read Jodi Picoult? I must, everyone talks about her.

    I love that Noah is giggling at books! Messing with my kids is one of my favourite pastimes.

    Yay for finishing Careless in Red, Helen!

    That book sounds fab- I loved Wendy Tokunaga's take on the foreign wife in Japan too.

  4. I'm enjoying Blossoms and Shadows by Lian Hearn :)


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