Dec 19, 2011

Short Story Monday: Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket

It truly is the most wonderful and rushed time of the year. Like many of you, I am rushed around trying to get everything done to make the most perfect Christmas experience. December is a busy month, and I personally feel like I don't get much time to sit and think.

What if, when traveling to a family member's house for Christmas, you were stuck on a plane or train or bus with perfect strangers? Would you sit and read your Kindle until the battery burned out? Would you plug your ears with music and keep from making eye contact? Or would you make conversation with those around you? Would you do your utmost to band together to give them Christmas joy even with strangers?

I'd probably be the one with my nose buried in a bunch of books, to be honest! But I love that the title character of this LM Montgomery book, Aunt Cyrilla, is not.

I read Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket, by LM Montgomery, for Short Story Monday. When traveling with her niece. Lucy Rose, for Christmas at a relative's, Aunt Cyrilla's train is stopped due to bad weather. A motley cast is stuck with her, including a soldier, a rich woman, a young mother and her kids, and a thin minister. Aunt Cyrilla is prepared for her visit to relatives and is able to provide a Christmas feast despite the unexpected occurrence. They give away what they have to make a happy day for all. And the impromptu concert keeps their spirits high.

This story is a great reminder of why we go to so much trouble to feed and entertain people at Christmas- it is truly a joy to give of yourself to bring others happiness. I'll try not to forget that lesson during the hustle and bustle this season.


  1. I read and reviewed this one a couple Christmases back. Though I don't remember it all that well. Is this the one where she has an absurd amount of food crammed into that tiny basket?

  2. That's the one! I'm trying to emulate her this year, but can't find a basket big enough to feed my family, never mind others...


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