Dec 21, 2011

What are you reading Wednesday?

What have you got open at the moment? A Christmas classic?

My kids and I have been reading some good holiday books, including The Bear That Father Christmas Forgot.

I'm into the Iron Fey series, by Julie Kagawa. I devoured the first 5 (3 full books and two bridge books) but the last one is slow going. It's not at all that it's bad, it's not, but the narrator has changed and it's taking me some time to get back into it from that point of view. Also, I want the girl to be with the other guy. I have that problem a lot. It happened with The Hunger Games too, I'm cheering for the guy the girl doesn't want. I also hate when there is a picture of a character on the front. The reason I like books more than movies is that I can imagine these people! I'm probably alone in this however, so many books have characters on the cover.

Not sure what I'll open after this one is done so give me ideas!

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  1. merry Christmas and happy holidays to you Medea!

    greeting card for you!


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