Feb 1, 2012


Not Carnaval, I'm afraid, but almost as exciting, with lots of visitors from around the world, but missing a big fat white snowman with a red tuque and belt. Plus you save on airfare and hotel fees as you can participate from your own warm home!

Multilingual Mama posted the January Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism, and it's spectacular.  Definitely check out all the amazing posts, and comment please!

I'll be hosting the February Carnival - my first time! I want to make it awesome, and you can help!  I would love for you to post.  If you don't have anything to post about bilingualism, what about a bilingual book? Please email me if you want more info, or to submit something!

Mark Feb. 23 on your calendar now, that's the big day!

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  1. mmm...will have a think about if I can write something to submit. Look forward to reading though definitely!!!

    Love the new design of your blog too!


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