Feb 15, 2012

What Are You Reading Wednesday?

Last week's WAYRW was a blessing and a curse. So many great books.  Which of course means I bought so many great books.  Don't tell my husband!

I am still reading The Letter Opener by Kyo Maclear. I am on the last chapter, but trying to draw it out before it ends. I do the same thing with a good meal, rush into it and then savour the end.

My kids each got a new book yesterday for International Book Giving Day. My son got Mama Panya's Pancakes. My daughter got another Michael Rosen, Little Rabbit Foo Foo, thanks to a comment on last week's WAYRW by Polly from The Little Wooden Horse.

I have to share this as well. I've posted before about how excited I am for the release of the picture book Virginia Wolf. Now the trailer is out and I am even more excited! Only 14 more sleeps!

What are you reading? What are your littles reading?


  1. I just finished Jennifer Weiner's Fly Away Home. I rather liked it. It was about a Senator's wife and her two daughters. The Senator had an affair and it is how his wife deals with it, and also how it affects their two very different grown up daughters.

    I thought that it had a bit in common with parts of The Good Wife and many, many real politicians. I like Weiner's novels and I enjoyed this one too, although I didn't think it was her best work.

    1. I read that last year and loved it. Not as good as Good in Bed or Little Earthquakes but way better than In Her Shoes I thought. I especially like all the supporting characters. Weiner is amazing at writing ensemble books.

    2. I really loved Good in Bed, and actually, In Her Shoes too. I agree about the ensemble thing. I'm trying to read all of her work...I think I have a couple to go. There's some short stories that I really like a lot too.


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