Feb 22, 2012

What Are You Reading Wednesday?

We can't let hump day go by without you all convincing me to buy something new, can we?

I am reading Peeps by Scott Westerfeld. I read his Uglies series last year, so far I'm enjoying it but not as much as the previous series. I'm always like that, I get so attached to characters!

 My son is reading this magazine called Terebi-kun (Little TV). It's not at all the kind I like. Basically, it's a magazine dedicated to fighting tv characters. Blegh. The Japanese version of Power Rangers changes every year at this time. Last week it was pirate Gokaijer and from Sunday it will be Gobusters. My son gets so mad at me when I call them Ghostbusters! I guess I better rent him the Ghostbusters movie so he gets a little English in there.

Domba is interested too. He got this mag for his birthday yesterday, and they spent the evening laying on their tummies on the living room rug with this open in front of them while Spinky reads it out loud. Why oh why do they have to bond over this?

As a bit of blog business, I am taking part in Playing by the Book's Edible Book Festival. Better put my nonexistant  kyaraben skills to work!  I am still undecided as to what to make. I'm looking for something that is suitable for those with no artistic skill, that involves something yummy, like chocolate. And suggestions? Or do you have an idea you want to do yourself?  Definitely take part! There are international prizes!!!

What are you reading this week?


  1. I am (ahem) about to start reading 'To a Mountain in Tibet' by Colin Thubron for my book club who are coming round next week.
    Bill is reading (topical) 'Asterix and the Olympic Games'
    Eddie is reading...I don't know...'Gruffalo and 'the Gruffalo's child' on a loop with interludes for his Disney Pixar annual.
    I am reading 'Blackhearts in Battersea' by Joan Aiken (sequel to Wolves of Willoughby Chase) to Bill. We're both really enjoying it.
    We're going to do the Edible Book Festival too- although I'm getting a bit discouraged that every idea I have has already been done by someone much more skillful elsewhere!

    1. A Disney Pixar annual sounds a lot like the mag my son has but with a lot less fighting!
      I want to read Wolves of Willoughby Chase! On my TBR list.

      I am having the same problem for the Edible Book Festival. Obscure book it is, I guess!

    2. It's not his most intellectually nourishing choice...but there you . Bill into Beyblades quite heavily and has Beyblade annual which has plenty fighting.

      I really wanted to make the chocolate fudge banana cake from Quentin Blakes 'All Join In' for EBF. IT is ENORMOUS and has chocolate covered bananas sticking out of it all over like sausages in a pile of mash. Do google for an image of it if you don't know it because it's totally fab. Frustratingly my children have vetoed it on the basis they are currently 'off' bananas. Most annoying. And it required no sugar craft of artistic flair which is not my strong suit...

    3. Just found this- how awesome would that be! I say it's the perfect thing to get them back onto bananas, who could resist that pile of yumminess?

  2. Still on Game of thrones but just a couple of chapters from the end now. The edible book festival looks like lots of fun!

    1. I read the first Game of Thrones last year but bought the second in hardback and it was so big I just couldn't keep it in my purse. Will have to get it for Kindle- that's what ebooks were made for!


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