Mar 30, 2012

Bloggiesta March 30 - April 1 (Updated as I go!)

On Wednesday I posted a little to-do list for my first Bloggiesta.

Then I started blog-hopping. Then I started looking at the Mini-Challenges. Now my To-Do List has grown.

Here is my To Do List:

  • Add a Japanese books page Done! Here it is! Thanks to Charlotte's page minichallenge
  • Update Canadian picture books page Done!
  • Put Cast of Characters on a static page Done! Here it is!
  • Update Review policy Done! Here it is!
  • Acknowledge the people who have created the cool elements on my page Done! Here it is!
  • Update social icons to include Pinterest Done!
  • Change my user name Done! Say hello to Perogyo!
  • Unify the age tags for books Done!
  • Meet other bloggers In Progress!
  • Participate in at least one mini-challenge Done! (3 down, more to go!)
  • Add a cover photo to my Facebook page Done! Here it is! Thanks to Liza's Facebook minichallenge
  • Figure out if I want to use Networked blogs Done! Decided to try instead
  • Line up the header and sidebar Done!
  • Connect with other bloggers on Facebook and Pinterest In Progress!
  • Add my blog to list of book bloggers on Pinterest Done!
  • Make it so my Twitter and maybe Facebook page update automatically Done! Set up using
  • Ask for advice on title font Done!
  • Add the reviews for the books I like best to Amazon, Indigo, Goodreads Done!
  • Clean up sidebar Done!
  • Design a blog button for What Are You Reading Wednesday (if there is time - this is the big one) Done!
  • When it is all spiffed up, back up my blog on Wordpress. Done!

Here is what my blog looked like before I started.

 What's it going to look like on Sunday?

I would love some advice though! What are the pros and cons of moving to Networked blogs? Do you hate my blog post title font? I love how it looks but I think it might annoy people, and some upper case letters are hard to read.

I am practicing my Mr. Linky skills thanks to the mini-challenge at The Book Butcher. Please link me your blog or Bloggiesta post!


  1. You are making some great progress! What a good idea to post a pic of your blog "before". How did you do that?

    1. I did a screen capture on my phone actually because it showed more than on my computer screen. Then I changed it in my photo editing software from a png to a jpg and saved it up here. :)

  2. Hi Medea, another familiar face! So great to see that you're joining Bloggiesta! You have quite a long to-do-list here, but it does sound manageable. It's good that we have our tasks distributed across all three of us, so that's pretty much a relief. I have a few nachos and quesadilla over in my site, just in case you want to have a quick taste too. Best of luck!

    1. Virtual nachos and quesadillas, that's the healthiest! I will stop over, thanks for inviting me to the party!

  3. Your blog post title font works for me -- fun and playful and not that hard to read. The words aren't that familiar to me, so I have to read it slowly anyway!

    Great list! Hope you're having a fun and productive Bloggiesta!

    1. Thanks Joy! I did end up changing it but might change it back in the future.

      I have been having a lot of fun, thanks!

  4. Hi Medea, I linked up my most recent Bloggiesta update. Congratulations on getting the hang of Mr. linky! Nice work!

  5. Gosh, you've got a lot done already! Keep up the good work.

  6. You're almost finished! I was trying to decide what sort of theme page I could what I'm known for loving...and I haven't thought of anything yet... Good luck today!

    1. That would be hard- I wish I had an idea for you. Hope you find a page you can love- I will keep checking back until you have. (ooh the pressure!)


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