Mar 31, 2012

March Roundup

I can't believe tomorrow is April! We are in the midst of cherry blossom season so this is what I saw yesterday. Sometimes I love Japan so much.

Luckily books are portable so we can even take them to picnics in the park!

This didn't go so well this month. I'm only at 29/31 days on my read aloud challenge. My daughter's caregiver changed so that changed our schedule. That's $10 to Kiva! I loaned to a group of women entrepreneurs in Chile.

Since July I have been doing the Canadian Reading Challenge #5. I didn't read as much this month as last, with 4 Canadian picture books (Virginia WolfCapturing Joy, The World in Your Lunch Box, and Down by Jim Long's Stage) and 2 adult books (Falling Backwards and Stray Love).  More next month I hope!

Next is the Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge 2012. I have gotten 6/20 books marked off already, with 2 new (Meltdown! and The World in Your Lunch Box) this month.

I got my second book read the Reading the World Challenge! We went to a village in Kenya for some of Mama Panya's Pancakes. This was really good for my kids, a lot of similarities and differences for them to see. My son has a hankering to go to Africa now, if only it were cheaper to get to!

Trying hard to keep on track for the Read to Me Picture Book Challenge!
This month we read Virginia Wolf, Mrs McNosh Hangs up her Wash, Capturing Joy, Tsunami!, The World in Your Lunch Box, Meltdown!, Mama Panya's Pancakes, Ofuton Kaketara, Down by Jim Long's Stage, and Dora's Book of Manners to make 30/120. I seem to be just meeting my quota. I'm a little worried I won't reach my goal now that my son has started taking over some of the read aloud duties.

What did you read in March? Are you doing any challenges?


  1. Completely random, but I live in Northern Virginia/DC and the Cherry Blossom Festival is one of my favorite times of year. So beautiful.

  2. Oh I can imagine! I have only seen pictures but that sounds lovely. Hope you have time this year for a picnic under them.

  3. I'm sure you're still going to do great with your challenge goals. I always have little bumps in the road (ie...totally not posting the sign-up last month, yikes!), but things always seem to work themselves out. :o)

    I have to tell you I'm totally jealous of your cherry blossoms! We used to live back East and loved this time of year. We're now on the coast of California, and though it has it's own beauties those cherry blossoms are still my favorite. Enjoy!

    PS...You were one of the picture book challenge winners this month! Email me your addy info and I'll get your book out to you. :)


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