Mar 28, 2012

What Are You Reading Wednesday and Bloggiesta

The cherry blossoms are blooming down here, the weather in the day is warm and beautiful. Perfect day to lay outside with a book in hand. My daughter turned 3 today so she was off on a brand new bike around our culdesac while I read the new book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lover Reborn. The names are horrific (Bet someone gets named that in a future book!) but it is always an entertaining read. I want to check back in with Zsadist (see what I mean about the cringeworthy names?), John Matthew, and Quay.

My daughter is into Interrupting Chicken this week but does not seem to be taking the hint!

My son wants Sheep in a Jeep, having just learned the sound EE makes.

What are you and your families reading?

In addition, I want to mention that I will be taking part in the Bloggiesta Challenge this weekend running March 30 - April 1 (US Time).  What's the Bloggiesta Challenge? That's a good question, it's my first time taking part so I am not sure yet!

Apparently it involves tweaking your blog and the theme is Bloggiesta Ole which means margaritas and tacos, right? So I will be drinking while working alongside some fabulous bloggers to spiff up my blog!

This isn't the first year but now it’s being hosted by Suey and Danielle, and will include mini-challenges and discussions on Twitter - which is probably where you will find me most.

Here is my To Do List:
  • Add a Japanese books page
  • Update Canadian picture books page
  • Put Cast of Characters on a static page
  • Update Review policy
  • Acknowledge the people who have created the cool elements on my page
  • Update social icons to include Pinterest
  • Change my user name
  • Unify the age tags for books
  • Meet other bloggers
  • Participate in at least one mini-challenge
I am not sure how well this will work, as I am on a different time plane than the other participants, but I will try and see! If you have any hints for what I could do to make my blog more user-friendly or anything you find annoying and want me to change, let me know! I haven't had this blog for even a year yet so I am still learning and want to get a lot better. My style has changed as has my focus but I am still all about books & bilingualism.

Are you participating in Bloggiesta?


  1. Happy birthday to your little interrupting chicken!
    So that name is basically Z-sadist... is he a bad guy, because with a name like that I would assume that. What hilarious names. When I come across names like that I sometimes don't even bother pronouncing them correctly, I just automatically call him 'sadist' for the rest of the book.
    Oh, cherry blossoms! I wish I was over there to see them again. I'll have to settle for my photos.
    Looking forward to checking out the new look blog.

  2. I'm certainly in need of spiffing up my blog. I'll take inspiration from you but I'll have to act on it a little later...


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