Apr 30, 2012

April 2012 Roundup

April is over and it's Golden Week here to usher in May. The weather is fantastic, but I still have to spend some time spring cleaning and buying a bunch of humidity-fighting things so my house doesn't start to mould in June. You can imagine how thrilling that is so maybe I will get in some avoidance reading this month.

We did okay on this challenge this month, only losing one day to the insanity of starting a new school year. My son gave the welcome speech at my daughter's kindergarten welcoming ceremony, from all the big kids. He was practicing in the morning so we skipped the book and then took him out to dinner for a job well done after school and they both zonked out on the way home! That makes 29/30 days on my read aloud challenge this month.

That means I gave $5 to Kiva! I loaned to a man who wants to get a motorcycle to deliver goods from his family's store. This was my 25th loan on Kiva! Did you know there are some free trial loans available now? If you are interested email me or leave a comment and I will get you one!

Since July I have been doing the Canadian Reading Challenge #5. My reading score this month was truly dismal. I only read 3 Canadian picture books (Have You Ever Seen a Duck in a Raincoat, All By Myself, and The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea) and 1 Canadian middle grade book (The Last Song). That needs to be corrected in May.

Next is the Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge 2012. I have gotten 8/20 books marked off already, with 2 new (Have You Ever Seen a Duck in a Raincoat, and The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea) this month. I will be hosting Nonfiction Monday here at Perogies & Gyoza on May 28th. Please mark your calendars and get a nonfiction children's book ready to share!

I read nothing for the Reading the World Challenge this month. So disappointing.  The book I thought would work for South America did not. I have ordered a couple for this month.

Trying hard to keep on track for the Read to Me Picture Book Challenge!
This month we read Have You Ever Seen a Duck in a Raincoat, All By Myself, Midnight on the Moon, Madlenka Soccer Star, A Stick is an Excellent Thing, Valentino Finds a Home, The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea, Laundry Day, Little Daruma and Little Tengu, What Color are Burdocks? and A Pet for Petunia to make 41/120. At least I did okay in this challenge.

I have a lot to make up for in May. That will be hard because it is the best weather of the year and I want to stay outside until rainy season comes in June!

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