Apr 21, 2012

Children's Books on Pinterest

If you are on Pinterest you'll know that it's great for picking up outlandish home decor ideas we'll never use and snarky sayings using great font. But it's also great for finding and sharing books. Picture books are ideal for Pinterest because of the visual factor.

But who should you follow on Pinterest to find the best picture books? These people!

Authors and Illustrators
Barbara Bietz 
Bethany Roberts
Cheryl Rainfield
Debbie Ohi
FT Bradley 
Irene Latham
Jennifer Thermes 
Kate Messner
Katie Davis
Laurie Jacobs
Linda Gerber
Lizann Flatt
Lori Calabrese
Lori Degman 
Mary Kay Carson
Mike Mullin 
Renee LaTulippe
Sandra Mcleod Humphrey
Sarah Albee 
Shelli Johannes-Wells
Story Connection
Tina Coury 
Todd R. Tystad 

Chronicle Books
HarperCollins Canada
HarperCollins Childrens
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books
Kids Can Press
Little, Brown and Company
Orca Book Publishers
Random House Kids
Tundra Books

100 Scope Notes 
Alice in Baker Street
Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind
Book Bug
Book Chook

Bibliophilia, Please
Children's War 
Gathering Books
Good Books for Young Souls 
Gotta Book
Great Kid Books
Jean Little Library
Jen Robinson's Book Page
Julia's Book Bag
Kidlit Frenzy
Little Wooden Horse 
Mac Library
Meg Writes!
Me! Perogies & Gyoza
No Time for Flashcards 
Our Time in Juvie
Picture Book a Day
Playing by the Book
Pragmatic Mom 
Reading Rumpus
Reading Tub
Secrets & Sharing Soda
Story Snoops
There's a Book 
Waking Brain Cells
Wands and Worlds
Watch, Connect, Read 
Welcome to my Tweendom 
Yellow Brick Reads

Book Expo America
Children's Book Council
Kirkus Reviews
Picture Book Post 

If your blog or publisher or other favourite kids book-related Pinterest board isn't listed here, please email me or leave a comment and I'll add it!

Edited 4/24:
Thanks so much for all the interest!

I have had a few inquiries on how to use Pinterest and as I am far from an expert I would like to direct people to the most recent Bloggiesta Pinterest minichallenge post.

Also, someone asked about whether or not there are keywords or hashtags used to identify children's books on Pinterest when using the search feature. I don't know of anything, but I think it is a good idea to use a keyword in your description to make it easier to search. How about kidlit like on Twitter?


  1. What a good idea, I'll have to check out these links after work today :D
    I'll also have to scan a few of my favourites in and pin them if I don't find them amongst these links.

    1. Definitely add your faves so I can spy on them too! ;)

  2. This is a great resource. Thank you for setting it up!

  3. I second Jen above - great to have this list, and thank you for including me.

    1. Actually, you were the inspiration, I wanted to know where you were getting all those cool ideas and one thing lead to another... Thanks Zoe!

  4. Thanks for setting it up! I have a board from Welcome to My Tweendom. http://pinterest.com/mytweendom/welcome-to-my-tweendom/

  5. Hi! Thanks for doing this. I'd definitely add the people here. We also have a Pinterest Board, hope you can add us too:

    Thanks again. :)

    1. Oh yay! I was looking for one under your name, I didn't think to check the whole blog name. Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Wow! This is great! Yes, I'd like to be added to Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mylmnop Thank you again!

  7. Thanks! Nice to find them all in one place.

    Topsy Turvy Land

  8. Thanks, this was a cool idea! I'm a children's lit blogger and librarian - my pintrest boards are generally library related http://pinterest.com/jeanlittlelib/

    Jennifer at Jean Little Library

  9. I'm on Pinterest and I've proudly pinned my YA book, Blue Hill, and its trailer: http://pinterest.com/toddrtystad/

    Thanks for the list!

  10. What a great list! We are new to Pinterest and any help finding like-minded pages is most welcome :-) Found several new folks to follow already.

    http://www.storysnoops.com or http://pinterest.com/storysnoops/

    Children's Book Reviews from a parent's perspective.

  11. Wow, love this list. Thank you. I'm just getting started on Pinterest and this will help a whole lot.

  12. Wow thanks! I have a board set up for books for Little S but haven't really explored things further. I foresee this being damaging to my credit card ;)

    1. This is the problem with book bloggers, they see my weakness and attack. ;)

  13. Thanks so much for this list. I'm new to both blogging and Pinterest and I'm still bumbling through both, but I'd love for you to add our website:


    My Pinterest id is under my name: Renee Cormier. Here is the link:


    Thanks so much and have a great day! Renee

  14. Thanks for posting this resource! All of this social media and sharing is daunting. How do you like Pinterest compared to, say Flickr or Tumblr? I signed up but haven't used it much yet. I find Tumblr a bit much, maybe I'll like Pinterest better. This is like a full time job: using and understanding all of these sites! Phew!

    1. Totally! I spend too much time on them. So much fun though!

      I think Flickr has its place and I use it for photo backup but I am not a pro so there's not much use for me in sharing photos I took. I love Pinterest because it is like a public bulletin board and I am a total nosy parker! I don't get Tumblr, I have to admit.

  15. Genius idea! If you are still adding people to your list, I'd appreciate a mention :)


  16. Great list! Thanks for sharing.

    You can find me on pinterest, too!


  17. Sorry I'm late coming over to the party from kidlitosphere yahoo group... Can you please add me?


    for my reviews (eventually all - still working on that!)

    Thanks for doing this!

  18. Thank you, what a great resource! I'm a children's book writer and have recently joined the fun at Pinterest. I'd love to be added to your list. Here I am at http://pinterest.com/bethanyjroberts/


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