May 28, 2012

Nonfiction Monday Roundup for May 28, 2012

Welcome to the Nonfiction Monday Roundup!

Nonfiction Monday is the brainchild of Anastasia Suen. Bloggers across the kidlitosphere celebrate Nonfiction Monday by writing about nonfiction books for kids on Monday.

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Please check out the following Nonfiction Monday posts, and please comment. I know how much I love hearing from our nonfiction kidlit community, and I hope everyone else does too.

Over at Wendie's Wanderings, Wendie Old is excited to discover that her biography for young readers, To Fly, The Story of the Wright Brothers, is one of the recommended books on the new national Common Core standards booklist!

Robin at Book Muse celebrates the beginning of summer by exploring life under the sea with Jason Chin's Coral Reefs.

Polly at The Little Wooden Horse is going to whet your appetite for cake with Let's Bake Cake! Hope she sends some my way!

Jeff Barger at NC Teacher Stuff takes us on a trip to Italy with Orani: My Father's Village to celebrate family. Do you have your own Orani?

Anastasia Suen introduces her sing and read book Johnny Appleseed at Nonfiction Book Blast.

It's Soccer Week at Perogies & Gyoza and I have a very thorough and fun book that gives all the info about soccer a kid could every want, The Everything Kids' Soccer Book.

Shelf-Employed delves into a new Scholastic title, My Body.

Jennifer at the Jean Little Library has a book for teens on babysitting, called Don't Sit on the Baby. I'd like to hand it out to all my neighbours as a hint!

Today Simply Science features a book called About Hummingbirds.

The Swimmer Writer has a book for the nocturnal set called A Place for Bats.

Tammy at Apple with Many Seeds introduces a book about historical cold cases that have been solved thanks to modern scientific techniques, called Case Closed? Nine Mysteries Unlocked by Modern Science.


  1. It's the beginning of summer! Explore life under the sea with Jason Chin's Coral Reefs (

  2. Thank you for hosting this week! I love that you have a Soccer Week. My youngest daughter plays and through her I have learned about the beauty of the game. At NC Teacher Stuff, I have posted a review of Orani: My Father's Village:

  3. Thank you for having us round. I have a strange immune-to-the-joys-of-ballgames pair of sons but that still looks like a great book.
    What my sons are not immune to the joys of is CAKE and that's what I offer to you today.

  4. Thanks for hosting today. Today I've reviewed a new Scholastic title, My Body.

  5. Good morning (or afternoon - time differences, even in the US, always confuse me (-:) I've got a book for teens on babysitting

  6. Thanks for hosting! I have About Hummingbirds by Catherine and John Sill at SimplyScience today.

  7. Thanks for hosting! I recommend A Place for Bats; written by Melissa Stewart and illustrated by Higgins Bond.
    The link to the author's and illustrator's websites are in this post. Please visit!


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