May 24, 2012

Slither, Slide, What's Outside?

Slither, Slide, What's Outside? (CAN, JP, US, INT)

Written by: Nora Hilb, Simon Shapiro, and Sheryl Shapiro

Illustrated by: Nora Hilb

Published on: January 19, 2012

Published by: Annick Press

Ages: 3+

Provided by the publisher for review through NetGalley

I mentioned that next week is Soccer Week at Perogies & Gyoza, my first official theme week. But now that I look at Monday's book (Plant a Little Seed) and Slither, Slide, What's Outside?, I think this might be my first unnofficial theme week! Both have seasons (although this one has all four) and a healthy dose of nature.

Slither, Slide, What's Outside? also has adorable children. What sets it apart though is that each two-page spread has a photography of nature on the left side, and an illustration of an activity for that season with a corresponding verse on the right. From wriggling like a worm to leaping like a frog, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for preschoolers to connect with nature. We've already tried making a star shape and checking the wind with pinwheels! I love books with activities, like The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea and this definitely fits into this category.

I also love kids with rosy cheeks in illustrations. These adorable kidlets have that, as well as having a retro 80s kind of look about them that I like. I'm not sure what that is from, the hair maybe? Whatever it is, it works.

What worked for my kids is the humour. They liked the fact that the bear might eat the dad and would like to act that out. I should have warned my husband before he got attacked by two little bears who bared their little teeth. Ooops. Well maybe that will teach him to skip storytime!

This is the 43rd book I have read for the 5th Canadian Book Challenge.

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  1. Sounds adorable and I'm a sucker for those rosey cheeks too.


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