May 31, 2012

Soccer Game!

Soccer Game! (CAN, JP, US, INT)

Written by: Grace Maccarone

Illustrated by:  Meredith Johnson

Published by: Cartwheel Books

Published: 1994

Ages: 5+

When kids start to read, they want to use those skills right away, but they can get so easily overwhelmed by books that have too many words they can't sound out or even just too many words. When introducing my son to easy readers, we started with Big Egg, which was a very easy read. There were only a couple of words he couldn't recognize at the time.

This book is slightly more difficult, adding in a few more phonetic sounds like ck. However I think that as long as the child has learned the rule of the silent e then this book would be easy to read, with only a couple of words on each page.

It's nice to see a diverse cast of kids, both boys and girls playing together. In Japan sports other than swimming are commonly segregated. My son's soccer club has about 60 kids in it but only 1 girl.

If you are looking for a first book for your sports-minded emerging reader, this should be it.

What was the first book you read by yourself?

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