May 27, 2012

Soccer Week: Let's Play Soccer (DK Readers)

Let's Play Soccer (DK Readers) (CAN, JP, US, INT)

Written by: Patricia Murphy

Published by: DK Children

Published on: March 3 2008

Ages: 6+

Welcome to Soccer Week at Perogies & Gyoza! My son is playing in his first soccer tournament, in a neighbouring prefecture later this week, which means we are living and breathing soccer. We're even eating soccer-ball shaped onigiri! I want to share this with you as well, so from today until June 2 I'll be all about soccer!

This beginning reader is a short fiction book about a  little boy named Erik's first day at soccer practice. Coach Smith introduces the players to three rules "play your best, play fair, and play without using your hands or arms - unless you are the goalie!" The kids are run through an entire practice, from warm-up and stretching to skills and a practice game.

Each page introduces new vocabulary such as shin guards, whistles, and muscles, using inset pictures. This makes it easy for kids to figure out the words even if the spelling is irregular from the context.

I bought the Kindle edition, which is great for getting a little bit of English reading practice in even on practice days. I just pull out my Kindle or iPhone and prod my son to read while he's waiting for the other team to play. The problem is there are blank pages between the actual doublespread pages which doubles the size of the book. It's not hard to flip twice through but a little confusing for beginning readers. I hope this Kindle edition is fixed.

Tomorrow I'll have another soccer book, as well as Nonfiction Monday!


  1. Do you know the book 'Goal' about some poor boys in Africa, it's a lovely book. I don't have the publisher/author handy, if I remember I will check tomorrow

  2. I do! I got it for my round the world reading challenge, and I'll have the review up this week!

    1. we got it when the world cup was in South Africa it linked in well with our Africa study. Here is my bit

    2. What a great collection of books! We loved Mama Panya's Pancakes as well, I'll have to look for the others too, especially Africa is Not a Country.

  3. I wish him luck in his first soccer comp. I loved soccer when I was in primary school, every lunch time I'd play with the boys. Those were the days *misty-eyed look*

    1. Those were the days indeed! I used to play intramural soccer in elementary school, but I am pretty sure my son has played more hours already than I played by grade 6!


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