Jul 2, 2012


How? (CAN, JP, USA)

Written by: Catherine Ripley

Illustrated by: Scot Ritchie

Published by: Owlkids Books

Published on: May 15, 2012

Ages:  3+

If you have or have had a preschooler in your life you are familiar with the great questioning time. Which lasts for approximately 4.6 years. It starts with What? and Who? then moves onto Why? and How? Maybe some other parents have all the answers, but I am at a loss sometimes! Wikipedia helps but sometimes it goes over my kids' heads.

Luckily there is this book which helps out on a lot of questions kids bring up. It's pretty good at anticipating questions, just like the previous book "Why?"

The questions come up when Lizzie and Jake's grandma comes to visit. They have lots of questions for their Oma, about dogs and libraries and everything in between! It's written in very accessible English so even my youngest can understand the explanations.

Ritchie also illustrated the earlier Why, and his same detailed explanations provide lots of information for kids, including magnified views when necessary. Kudos to him for including rosy cheeks on some of his subjects, I love that. Possibly I am the only one though!

 This post is for Nonfiction Monday, being hosted this week at BookTalking.

This is the first book I reviewed for the Sixth Canadian Book Challenge.


  1. I love these kinds of books that answer so many questions. I have several in my classroom and they are a big hit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'agree with Jeff. It's great to discover great nonfiction like this that's well thought-out


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