Jul 4, 2012

What are you reading? Wednesday

I finished reading Clash of Kings. I feel like I deserve an award! To celebrate I am reading Colony of Unrequited Dreams, which is equally epic. I think normally I would think it was a depressing read but after the wars and rapes and murders of the Game of Thrones series it seems peaceful!

Spinky got a bunch of new National Geographic readers. Today he is reading about dolphins, so we are going to go to the bay this weekend and see if we can spot any jumping out!

 What are you and your loved ones reading now?


  1. Oh cool! I didn't know National Geographic did a kids version. FYI the book we're reading right now is an oldie: Corduroy! Picked it up at a yard sale. I thought it would be more for my sake, but she loves it!

  2. Oh fun. I love dolphins.

    I like gifting NG Kids to young people for Christmas.

    1. I can imagine they would be great stocking stuffers!


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