Aug 15, 2012

What Are You Reading? Wednesday

Hello beautiful readers! I am writing to you from the middle of my summer vacation. We unexpectedly have 9 days off in a row and it is beautiful. BBQ and kiddy pool in the backyard today, fruit picking tomorrow. It's so nice to just be.

I've been neglecting posting but not reading. I am doing the #readthehobbit challenge. Can you believe I have never read The Hobbit before? The Savvy Reader challenged a number of Canlit afficionados on Twitter to read it this summer and we are doing the first half this week. You should sign up too!

We went to an exhibition about Kagakui Hiroshi, the picture book author/illustrator who was behind Ofuton Kaketara. We saw a few of his new books and my son is really enjoying reading them to his sister. Natsu no Otozure (なつのおとずれ) is very seasonal for us, about a bunch of summer figures (an electric fan, watermelon, and shaved ice among others). It's very cute.

This little guy was on the stairs to the exhibition. He is Daruma-san, Kagakui's most famous character. Isn't he adorable?
What are you reading? Have you ever read The Hobbit?


  1. Oh that book looks cute!

    Hokkaido Highway Blues: Hitchhiking Japan - a copy given to me from a friend as well as If I have to tell you one more time by Amy McCreedy.

    My kids are loving Spork {thanks to you!}, Titch, Alison Lesters ABC & The wide mouthed frog this week! Most get read 2-3 times a day plus a couple other stories thrown in for good measure.

    I have never read the Hobbit either.

  2. It hasn't been that long since I read The Hobbit for the first time. I love Tolkien. : )

  3. I'm reading "Wake Up, I'm Fat" by Camryn Manheim. It's her autobiography and it's quite good. She's very funny and feminist too.

    I've never read The Hobbit or any Tolkien. I tried to read The Hobbit as a friend gave me a copy, but I didn't like the style. I probably should give it another try, but it won't be for a while as I have a lot in my "to read" pile.

  4. A. Awesome! Such cute illustrations.
    B. I've never read TH either. I must change that some day.

  5. I was late to the Hobbit as well-- only just read it earlier this year actually.

    I've started a few new books: Vicki Delany's "Gold Mountain," a memoir by Newfoundland comedian Greg Malone called "You'd Better Watch Out," and Paul Glennon's "Bookweird" (which I'm reading to my daughter. My wfie's just started the 5th Harry Potter book with our son.

  6. I have read the Hobbit... though it was a long time ago now. I found it to be an exciting adventure story as a child, but don't remember all that much now. My husband has made me sit through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy at least 3 times... does that count?!

  7. Pssst I saw something that made me think of you:

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