Sep 24, 2012

It's Our Nature

It's Our Nature (CAN, JP, US, INT)

Written by: Rebeca Orozco

Illustrated by: Menena Cottin

Published by: Tundra Books

Published on: September 25, 2012

Provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Animals exhibit social behaviours similar to humans in this beautiful modern picture book.

Children who are just learning themselves about such values as altruism, generosity, and solidarity will enjoy learning about how certain animals put these values into action. Orozco has chosen facts about animals that are fascinating for kids and adults, and a variety of animals in many types of habitats.

If you were going to choose an animal to show the concept of trust, which one would you choose? Orozco chose the crocodile! This was definitely the showstopper for my son and his friends, who love the idea of a big scary crocodile's mouth being a warm retreat for baby crocodiles. My daughter really enjoyed the story of the elephant and how the other young elephants babysit the littlest ones. I was interested in the flamingo daycare and how wildebeests accept zebra integration to protect them from predators on the savanna.

The art is a true highlight. Any one of these minimalist illustrations would be a fantastic choice for nursery art, with the chevron-like ocean and dolphin mother-and-baby illustration standing out as the best of a great collection.

This is an amazing resource for those wanting to understand what feelings people have in common with others in the animal kingdom. Children are left with the idea that people too are part of the same animal kingdom and can live in harmony with those animals.

This review is for Nonfiction Monday, hosted this week by A Teaching Life.

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