Sep 12, 2012

What are you reading? Wednesday

What are you reading this fine autumn Wednesday?


I am finally getting around to reading Louse Penny's Inspector Gamache series. I just read the first one, Still Life. I loved it. It's set in a typical English southern Quebec. ;) I love the townspeople, Three Pines reminds me of Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls), places I would love to live if they existed!

I've just started the second, A Fatal Grace, and I'm still enjoying it just as much. I heard the latest book has turned up at #2 on the NYT fiction book list! How amazing, not many Canadians have done that! 

My son got an autumn nature guide from school and we are having fun going through it. I don't know half the flower and bug words in English so it's an education for me too!

What are you and your family reading this week?


  1. Bad Canadian that I am, I still haven't read any Louise Penny.

    Just started Through Black Spruce this week. Also reading V for Vendetta.

    1. Through Black Spruce? Awesome!

      I was surprised that you don't like mysteries, which is probably why you haven't read Louise Penny. I think you'd like Inspector Gamache though, he has a thing for northern Quebec.

  2. I saw that you are a Cybils judge this year. Congratulations! I remember you saying you wanted to do it! I'll be in round 2 of the graphic novel category. Enjoy!

    1. Yay! I applied thanks to you, your post on being a judge made me think maybe I could handle it. I'm really excited.


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