Oct 15, 2012

Armchair Cybils

Today is the last day for which you can nominate great kids books for the Cybils! What are you waiting for, go do it!

This year, my colleague on the Nonfiction Picture Books Round 2 Judging Panel, Amy from Hope is the Word blog is hosting the Armchair Cybils. What's this, you ask? It's where we chat about all the books that have been nominated! Go sign up at her blog, then pick some of the nominated books and book apps to read and review. Then we link up at Hope is the Word on the 15th of every month as well as on January 1st (shortlist day!). Sounds awesome, right? I'm excited for this too, so I can feel involved while I wait for my Round 1 colleagues to make their decisions!

Who doesn't love chatting about kids books? The more the merrier!

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  1. How have neglected to welcome you to the Armchair Cybils for this long? Pardon me! :-)

    I'm so glad you're playing along! I love reading others' opinions of books I've read, as well as their opinions of books I never get to.

    Welcome! :-)


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