Oct 5, 2012

Cybils 2012

Do you know about the Cybils? They are yearly awards decided by children's book bloggers. This isn't about books kids should be reading, it's about books they are reading, and loving.

This year I am on a judging panel; I'll be judging the short list of the Nonfiction Picture Books category. I love nonfiction books, as you might have noticed with my participation in the Nonfiction Monday meme. I cannot wait to see how the Round 1 judges break down this list, so far there are amazing nominations!

Did you know that the public (ie. bloggers) can make their own nominations? That's the beauty of these book awards. From October 1 to 15 you can nominate your favourite books published from October 16, 2011 to October 15, 2012 in a number of categories, from poetry to science fiction.

My problem is you can only nominate one title per category. *sob* I am having a hard time deciding between Virginia Wolf and Sora and the Cloud, which are my two favourite fiction picture books. Ever. There are a number of fiction picture books that deserve nominations this year. Won't you nominate one and help me get some sleep instead of agonizing over this decision?

Cybil-worthy Fiction Picture Books
Laundry Day
Plant A Kiss    (Would also work in early reader category)
Sora and the Cloud
Starfall (review to come this weekend)
The Stone Hatchlings
Virginia Wolf


  1. I was on this panel a few years back but removed my name when they were only able to send me two of the titles. I wasn't prepared to spend my own money on them, so I eventually declined judging, when it wouldn't have been fair. I think the awards are a good idea, but I hope they're better organized this time around!

    1. I didn't realize you had that experience. :( I am okay with buying nonfiction picture books, they'll come in handy for the kids at some point.

    2. Pardon for "eavesdropping," but I have been part of the Cybils - on various panels - since the beginning. I lived in Scotland for five years, and was on YA SFF for a few of those, and thought I would have to give up being involved. I managed to get MANY of the books, between the library and being sent books from the publishers, and have never spent any money on it. There are other teammates, and each book simply has to be read by two at minimum. Things are quite organized, and I hope everyone is encouraged to give being a part of the Cybils a go!

    3. I have to agree with Tanita. I have been on the Cybils as a judge or panelist almost all of the seven years we've been doing it, and I never had to buy a book. The library has many of them, the publishers sent most of them. The few I couldn't get myself other panelists mailed to me after they read them. This year I expect some to be ebooks for my reader. It has been a wonderful experience and I have learned so much! Don't let the logistics hold you back if you love children's literature and want to be involved.

    4. Thanks to both of you for sharing your experiences. Much appreciated.

      I don't think my city library will have any of the nominated books in my case, as their only English-language nonfiction picture book is one I donated. :) But I am hopeful I can read all the shortlist books somehow!

  2. Will they accept nominations from bloggers who don't blog about children's books? If they do I'll be happy to nominate Sora and the Cloud.

    1. I checked and it looks like everyone can nominate during the period up to October 15th! I'm glad you like it that much. :)

    2. Someone else nominated Virginia Wolf so I nominated Sora and the Cloud. Thanks though Kirstie!!

    3. It's such a good book, I laugh even harder each time Xander tries to climb me ;p


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