Nov 17, 2012

Presents for Picture Book Lovers

Only 37 days left until Christmas and only 21 until Hanukkah! Have you finished your shopping yet? Do you have someone on your list, young or old, who loves picture books? Someone who loves them so much you are not sure what book to buy them as they probably have them all? In that case how about one of the items on this list. (Hint, hint, husband)

How about piecing together a Franklin puzzle?

Or play a Where The Wild Things Are board game?

Why not cuddle up at night with a beloved children's book character?

Kevin Henkes' Penny

Talking Pigeon

For those adults who want to show off their love of children's literature there are a lot of lovely jewelry options.

From Peter Pan:

From All Things Yummy on Etsy
What would mother think of my becoming a pirate? - Sword and Quote Pendant

From Oliver Jeffers' Lost & Found:

A Penguin ring

From the classics:

Mother Goose Pendant

Why not show off your love of kidlit with these everyday products?

From Hilary Leung, illustrator of The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear:

Year of the Snake (2013) t-shirt

 From Naoko Stoop, author and illustrator of Red Knit Cap Girl:

Trio of note cards

From Julia Cairns, illustrator of Mama Panya's Pancakes:

Sleeping Mama cards

Of course what all picture book lovers really covet is art by the illustrators who create the books we enjoy.

From Rosemary Wells, creator of Max and Ruby and Yoko:

Carry Me Over The River print

From Jill Bergman, illustrator:

The Reading Tree linocut

From Lydia Nichols, illustrator of Phil Lately

Greetings from Gowanus print

From Willow Dawson, illustrator of The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea:

Robot print

Last but not least, we have Felicia Hoshino, the author and illustrated of my beloved Sora and the Cloud, who offers to draw a portrait of your little loved one.

She also offers website banners, which I covet very very badly. 

Which of these do you want? Do you have any other ideas of gifts for picture book fanatics?


  1. Well, now I'm going to have to follow Felicia's blog (and dream of buying a website banner too ;p )
    Very cool ideas with the puzzle and board game.
    Is it just me or do the Little Red Riding Hood earrings look very Red Knit Cap Girl inspired? Is that part of the reason for your want of them?

    1. Oh I can see that now, so maybe it was a subconscious decision. I love kerchiefs. ;)

  2. Red knit girl!!! So cute. And those earings too :)


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