Nov 26, 2012

Short Story Monday: Freckles M'grath

It's been so long since I participated in Short Story Monday! I missed it.

This week I read Freckles M'grath, a short story from Susan Glaspell. I know her play Trifles, an early feminist mystery play. She also won a Pulitzer Prize. Nothing to sneeze at!

This story is about the power plays that go one behind the scene in politics and what is okay or not. The title character is a young spunky fellow who does what he can for his cause and although it's not exactly illegal it's also not really moral. Still, we cheer for him because of his passion. What kind of message does this send about what we accept from our legislators though?

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  1. Sounds like it reinforces my impression of politicians. Is it sympathetic at all?


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