Jan 14, 2013



Written by: Coleen Paratore

Illustrated by: Clare Fennell

Published by: Little Pickle Press

Published on: July 16, 2012

Ages: 3+

When I bought BIG, I wasn't really sure what it was about. I was scrolling through the Cybils Nonfiction Picture Book nominations and my daughter made me stop on this. She chose it for the bright beautiful cover (and the button sun, she loves that button sun!). I knew nothing but the title so I thought that maybe it was about size comparisons or measurements.

Both size comparisons and measurements feature in the background of Fennell's mixed media illustrations, but the message is that it's not the size of a body, it's the size of one's heart that matters. Small actions can be big when they have a big impact, and anyone is capable of a big action.

I was so pleased that my daughter picked out a perfect companion book for the first grade social studies curriculum I am using. One of the main objectives is to find one's place in their world, the first step toward global citizenship. As Paratore says, "Big is being a valuable member of your family, school, and neighborhood."

Fennell's characters give lots of good ideas of acts of kindness that kids can do to be truly big at heart. Those little acts add up to a lot of change in the world! We were happy to see lots of diversity in the kids featured in this book too, there are so few picture books with kids that look like mine.

Check out the adorable book trailer too!

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  1. What a great review! I hadn't really thought about using it as a part of our social studies curriculum, but you're right, it would fit right in. My children love the illustrations as well, they spend a lot of time going over them and they always seem to see something new.

  2. Hi there! "What a sweet message: it's not the size of a body, it's the size of one's heart that matters." You've inspired me to read this book. And bravo to you for working on Cybils review committee!

  3. What a cute trailer! I'll have to check this one out - I love mixed-media illustrations.

  4. I agree with Em. A very cute trailer. Great lessons to learn as well.

  5. Looks like a great book,and love the trailer.The illustrations remind me very much of Lauren Child's, in her fantatsicCharlie and Lola series.Will be getting my hands on "Big" ASAP!


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