Jan 12, 2013

Kidlit Business

I just signed up for the 2013 Comment Challenge, hosted by MotherReader and Lee of I'm Here, I'm Queer. What the Hell Do I Read? This seems to be an annual tradition and it is my second time in on the action. I had a blast last year and I cannot wait to connect with old kidlit friends and make new ones this year too!

What is the comment challenge? Basically, you pledge to comment on 5 kidlit-related blogs a day for 21 days, the time it takes to make a new habit stick. See more info here and sign up at Lee's blog!

Also, I am brainstorming ideas for what to do for International Book Giving Day, coming up soon on February 14th.  How are you going to participate? Have you signed up yet?

Last, but definitely not least, I am knee-deep in discussions for Round 2 of the Nonfiction Picture Book award for the Cybils. Have you seen the shortlist yet? Somehow we intrepid second rounders have to pick a winner from these awesome books! We're not the only panel that has a shortlist that features two books from the same contributor (Melissa Sweet in our case)- can you spot the others? I always wonder how book creators feel when their products are competing against each other. Maybe like I would if Canada played Japan in women's soccer!

Hope you are participating in one of these great events too!


  1. Hello again. I, too, signed up for the comment challenge this year. You may remember I found you last year and you've been in my feed ever since. I'm trying to be better about commenting more often. Happy 2013!

  2. Oh shucks! I've missed a week already. Thanks for the reminder. I also have been tuning in to your blog since then :)


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