Aug 11, 2013

Most Anticipated Picture Books of 2013 Part II

Almost all of the books from the first edition of my most anticipated picture books of 2013 have been released, so it's time for Part Two! These all look amazing, but I know I am missing some winners so fill me in!


Zombelina (July 9, 2013) by Kristyn Crow and Molly Idle
I call my daughter Domba, which is the short form of her real nickname, Zomberella. So I need to get this book for her!

Here I Am (July 1, 2013) by Patti Kim and Sonia Sánchez
The wonders of a new world to an immigrant are introduced in this book.


The Man With the Violin (August 5, 2013) by Kathy Stinson and Dušan Petričić
Kathy Stinson provided my daughter with her first favourite book with the classic Red is Best, and I can't wait to see her tackled nonfiction.  Check out the great trailer too.


Dream Boats by (September 1, 2013) Dan Bar-El and Kirsti Anne Wakelin
Doesn't this cover look absolutely dreamy? I know Dan Bar-El as a comic writer for kids, so I am interested to see if this is in his usual style or not.

The Northwest Passage (September 10, 2013) by Stan Rogers and Matt James
I love Stan Rogers' folk songs and I think this one will make an amazing nonfiction picture book.

Little Red Writing (September 24, 2013) by Joan Holub and Melissa Sweet
Melissa Sweet is one of those illustrators who has a totally different style from one book to the next, and I want to see what the style is this time!


Spark (October 1, 2013) by Kallie George and Genevieve Côté
Look at that adorable dragon! And don't you want to root for such an adorable underdog?

Nala's Magical Mitsiaq (October 15, 2013) by Jennifer Noah and Qin Leng
I love the sibling tales Qin Leng has illustrated in the past and I am sure this Inuit family tale will be no different.


Awww, look at that baby mammoth!

What picture books are you looking forward to being released this fall?

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  1. You always find the most interesting books to look forward to. Thank you for always sharing them,


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