Jan 1, 2015



Written by: Litsa Trachatos

Illustrated by: Virginia Johnson

Published by: Groundwood Books

Published on: October 14, 2014

Ages: 3+

This is a great, silly picture book for preschoolers that introduces animals and grammar, all while giving the reader the giggles.

Trachatos comes up with some amazingly illogical scenarios, starting with "Don't start a food fight with an octopus." Not only does the reader then have to think about that animal (hints are given on the next page) but they also get to laugh about the situation which would never happen. This is a huge deal in the preschool world, and this has been the best read aloud I have had at my library sessions in the last couple of years.

Johnson's watercolour illustrations deserve mention as well. Watercolour is a perfect medium for non-threatening depictions of threatening situations (nobody wants to find a bear in their bed!) and the simple children's faces frame the reactions to the ridiculous very well.

Highly recommended for anyone with a preschooler.

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