Jan 2, 2015

Work: An Occupational ABC

Work: An Occupational ABC

Written and Illustrated by: Kellen Hatanaka

Published by: Groundwood Books

Published on: August 5, 2014

Ages: 3+

This ABC book is not as simple as it appears. It pays homage to a variety of occupations, opening up the vocabulary of the toddler audience as well as their imagination.

Hatanaka's illustrations seem like they are straight out of a mid-century classic.

Aviator and jockey

Vibraphonist and Xenologist

It's not that Hatanaka is introducing concepts that are new to preschoolers- he is introducing concepts that are new to the adults doing the reading aloud as well. His message is that anything could be work so why not think outside the box?

The mid-century-esque illustrations make this seem like a book that shows things have been possible in the past, so you can be a vibraphonist if you want! It all looks so much more interesting than being a desk jockey.

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