Apr 10, 2017

Book Uncle and Me

Book Uncle and Me

Written by: Uma Krishnaswami

Published by: Groundwood Books

Published on: September 13, 2016

Grades 3-6

I love books that surprise me. This book surprised me.

I thought it would be a book about a schoolgirl in India who loves to read. It is. But it is so much more.

This book is about how anyone, even those without a vote, can be influential in local politics. It is about how one person can make a difference when they get together with others, whether to save wildlife or to make their community better. 

It is how the best books keep you thinking even after you close them for the last page.

I am a political person, and I want my children to be political people. But sometimes I feel as a foreigner that my voice cannot be heard. My children feel that as children their voices cannot be heard. But when we all put our voices together and organize, our voices can be heard. Just like Yasmin and her community's voices.

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