May 30, 2018

10 Routes That Crossed the World

10 Routes That Crossed the World

Written by Gillian Richardson

Illustrated by Kim Rosen

Published by:  Simply Read Books

Published on: April 11, 2017

Ages: 9+

Gillian Richardson is a British Columbia author who makes children excited about history in these illustrated books for upper elementary students. Other books in this series are 10 Plants that Shook the World and 10 Ships that Rocked the World.

Arranging history this way is a great way for Richardson to show how similarities and differences between cultures and histories for different groups of people. 

My children were especially interested in the Serengeti Migration Trail, traveled by millions of people and animals. Imagine walking alongside a confusion of wildebeests! Apt name for a group of those animals, I think.

The Inca Trail and Camino de Santiago are two of the routes my kids and I have done on the virtual My Mission challenges, so it was great to add some historical context to their medals!

Canadian content comes from the Bering Strait and from the Chilkoot Trail, so it met my requirements for the kids to use for social studies.

This, and its companion books, is a great way to bring a social studies lesson to life for middle grade readers.