Jul 1, 2020

I Am Canada: A Celebration

I Am Canada: A Celebration

Written and Illustrated by: Heather Patterson

Illustrated by: Eva Campbell

Published by: North Winds Press

Published on: June 1, 2017

Ages: 4+

Happy Canada Day! 

Today we are celebrating with a very special picture book. Heather Patterson's previously published free verse about the diversity of Canada has been paired with art by some of Canada's best children's illustrators. It is truly a joy to look through and see diversity of landscape, children, and types of art. 

Readers of this blog will be familiar with my love for Qin Leng, Ashley Spires, and Ruth Ohi. Their visions of Canada do not disappoint here either. I love that I can pick out a favorite illustrator's work just by seeing two pages of their work. I can immediately tell Barbara Reid's work with plasticine- we all felt the page after seeing what amazing snow texture she brought to life.

Some illustrators I am unfamiliar with but will be checking out more of their work in future. 

This year's Canada Day was harder than most because I am homesick and don't know when we can get home next, but this book put a smile back on my face. I won't wait until next Canada Day to read it again!

We also read the French version of this book, Le Canada C'est Moi. It was so fun to compare and contrast between the two versions.